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Cloning Outline Introduction 1) What is cloning? Biology aspect/stuff we learned from class. a) Facts on cloning(stats) b) Evolution of cloning/ timeline and where cloning is today 2) Cloning experiments a. Dolly article b. Find 2 or 3 other major cloning events that happened 3) Controversy of human cloning a. Pros and cons b. Ethics behind it 4) Conclusion/ wrap up finding Put down the sources on the paper and PPT. And keep the main source to add on reference page 1.5 pages per person Christian (#1) and introduction
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Unformatted text preview: • Matthew (#2) • Ana (#3&#4) Each person is responsible to write about a page and a half for his section that will be part of the final paper. Along with the paper have a summary of the main points of your section, in bullet point format so Christian will add it on the PPT. And each of us will present their respective section on the presentation in class. Keep in mind that there are about 20 slides, so about 6 or 7 per section....
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