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Website Plan Part 1

Website Plan Part 1 - Reviews of upcoming games Photos and...

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Website Plan Part 1 By: Brandon Hunter IT/236 11/22/2011 The goal of my website will be to tell gamers about an unknown and undersized online video game retailer with information that is accessible on the World Wide Web and also pull in new clients. The primary target list is as follows. Adult Men Adult Women Teenagers Children Video game enthusiasts The website will offer the following Video games that are currently for sale Upcoming release dates of video games User reviews of current games
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Unformatted text preview: Reviews of upcoming games Photos and video trailers of video games Safe and secure purchase method Video game accessories Video game merchandise and clothing The Websites catchphrase will be “Your one stop shop for all your gaming needs.” I chose this because it is simple and straight to the point. Also, it will let potential customers know that everything they need for video games can be found on this site at an affordable price....
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