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Appendix P – Final Project Proposal Name: Answer the following questions in full sentences/paragraph format. Use Appendix A as a resource for the final project requirements: 1. What have you chosen to make for your final project? Why did you choose this format? I have chosen the Magazine cover as my final project format. I chose the magazine cover because I think I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with and will incorporate things that are going on in our society as of right now. 2. Where/how will you acquire the 12-15 photos needed for this project? I will hopefully be able to use the internet to find copyright free images to use in this project and if I am unable will take the necessary arrangements to receive permission to use photos in my project but hopefully I will be able to avoid this. 3. How many photos do you currently have? I currently have none of the images I plan on using but will start searching this weekend when I have a little bit of free
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Unformatted text preview: time. 4. What ideas do you have to meet the required criteria in your creation, as listed in Appendix A? I have been using a lot of YouTube videos to learn creative ways to use Photoshop, by editing images and creating my own using the tools Photoshop has to offer. I will be using some very cool text effects that I have learned how to create along with some other very cool techniques that I believe will make my project stand out. 5. Explain your strategy to complete your final project with all the necessary components on time. **You need to share a timeline/schedule on when you will complete the steps/requirements of this project. I will start by collecting all the necessary images that I will need. Then I will create all necessary texts that I will be using. After that I will create a homemade background for my magazine cover. I will use each of the requirements during the creation of each step....
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