Capstone - freedom we have Also chasing the American dream...

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Capstone Brandon Hunter 6/29/2011 ETH/125
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I like to believe everything I have read and learned in this course has been very helpful to me in understanding this diverse country that we live in. Although we all differ in some ways in this country we all also have many things in common. The best place to view these differences and commonalities is in our cities where we have thousands of different cultures living in close proximity to one another. The most common trait between us is we all want the same thing and that’s for our kids to grow up and a nice community and will all the things they will need to be successful in life. I too have also learned a lot about my own history and culture especially about Native Americans and all the struggles they have had since explorers came to this land. I believe immigration in the United States will continue to grow. Many people love America and the
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Unformatted text preview: freedom we have. Also, chasing the American dream is what I believe many people all of races and cultures dream of. Of course America is not the perfect place many believe it to be and at times can be very hard on people even those who have been here their whole lives. I think the best way that we can prepare ourselves for the continuing growth in immigration in our communities is by doing a couple of things. First I believe we can offer more language integration in our schools and culture. We can also educate people about these different cultures so that people can see that many of these people are not that different from us. By including this integration in our schools, television, businesses, and other outlets we can cut down on hate or misinterpretations of other cultures that have plagued this country....
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Capstone - freedom we have Also chasing the American dream...

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