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CIS3347 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT ASSIGNMENT Fall 2011 Due Date: 11/1/2011 Points: 100 pts Format - Use Microsoft Word with APA formatting style including research references o - Submit research report to Blackboard Vista and email to [email protected] by 11/1/2011 CIS3347, Fall 2011 1 Ron Viseh
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Introduction The objective of the individual project is to get an overall understanding of various data communication technologies used to support a specific industry business need. The student can design a new data communication infrastructure to meet the needs of a specific business challenge or opportunity, or study in detail an existing infrastructure of a specific organization. Project Details (Due date: 11/1/2011-100 pts) The project document should include all the following sections:- 1- Project Introduction (10 point) 2- The organization’s project Charter and feasibility study to support a business process (10 point) 3- Financial calculations to include ROI and NPV of the project
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Unformatted text preview: (20 points) 4- Total Cost calculation (10 point) 5- Project Performance Metrics, Critical Success Factors, and Risk Assessments (10 point) 6- Overall project plan with Stakeholders’ expectations (10 point) 7- Overall Logical Analysis and design of the project data communication needs using the Top down Model (10 points) a. Business Process b. Application c. Data d. Network e. Technology 8- Detailed physical layout of the data communication infrastructure supporting the project (10 points) a. LAN/WAN components b. Communication Protocols c. Data communication technologies to include data, voice, audio d. Hardware and software components 9- Overall data communications security and management needs (10 points) a. Organizational Security Policy to include all security measures b. Service Management Policy to include Service Level Agreements and enterprise network management CIS3347, Fall 2011 2 Ron Viseh...
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CIS3347_Individual_ProjectT_Fall2011 - (20 points 4 Total...

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