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C504: Data Management CR Long 3 Nov 2011 Learning Objectives 1. Recognize research data-related terminology. Terminology Data (research) : recorded information (regardless of form or medium on which it is stored) Data collection: Primary : data collected for the purpose of the research project Secondary : using data collected for other purposes for a research project Data entry : transfer of data on paper forms to electronic form, or direct entry in electronic form Dataset : formatted data saved in electronic form Data cleaning : process of finding and correcting errors in datasets Data management : process of managing both paper and electronic data Data storage : process of storing both paper and electronic data Data retention : storage and retrievability of research data Policy : for federally-funded research projects, research data must be retained for
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Unformatted text preview: at least 3 years past the final expenditure report to the funding agency Policy : studies conducted in the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research follow the data retention policy for federally-funded research projects Data sharing : making final research datasets available to others Data dictionary : a document that includes a description of project variables and data management procedures, including form location, name, label, type, format, permissible values, value codes and missing data codes for all variables in a dataset Data confidentiality : for all human participant data collected as part of a research project, data collection forms and datasets must not have names or other personal identifiers; use of a project-specific unique ID usually used...
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