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CR Long C504: Data Management 8 Dec 2011 1 Learning Objectives 1. Recognize the need for quality control in data entry 2. Identify methods used for quality control in data entry Quality Control of Data Entry Purpose : to maximize the accuracy of the data entry process Key-entry from paper data collection forms Purpose : to replicate the data on the paper form in electronic form Methods to minimize data entry errors (i.e. quality control): Using all numeric fields (number keyboard only!) Minimize number of keystrokes Use automated checks
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Unformatted text preview: Use range checks (numerical data) Use value checks (categorical data) Use field type checks Use logic checks Use double-entry verification Some software applications allow automated checks to minimize data entry errors SPSS data entry add-on PCCR Data Entry software application Some software applications do not allow automated checks to minimize data entry errors SPSS ( note : not the same as defining variable attributes) MS Excel Missing values Need to consider how to handle missing values...
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