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CLIN51504_Syllabus_Fall2011 - Palmer College of...

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Palmer College of Chiropractic Division of Graduate Studies MS in Clinical Research Program CLIN51504: Introduction to Statistical Computing & Data Management 1 Credit Hour Fall 2011 Instructor: Cynthia R. Long, PhD Palmer Research Center 209 Harris Bldg. Email: [email protected] Phone: 884-5157 Fax: 884-5227 Office Hours: Drop in or by appointment Teaching Assistant: Ying Cao, MS Palmer Research Center 210 Harris Building Email: [email protected] Phone: 884-5189 Office Hours: TBD MEETS Research Center Classroom, LL009 Harris Building Thursdays 11:10am – 12:30pm for 10 wks 3 Nov 2011 – 2 Feb 2012 PREREQUISITES None COURSE DESCRIPTION Students will learn statistical computing skills such as: use of the statistical software package SPSS; data entry methods, including quality control/assurance issues; creating new data files; accessing/editing existing data files; storing data files (e.g. confidentiality of patient data); dataset cleaning; copying/pasting across software applications; and conversions of data file types. COURSE OBJECTIVES By the conclusion of this course, students will be able to: Use SPSS software to manage data Manage electronic data files, including data transfer and storage Appreciate the issues of data confidentiality Assess different methods of data entry Understand the importance of data quality Use data cleaning guidelines Use SPSS software to create new variables
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CLIN51504: Intro to Statistical Computing & Data Management Developed: 30 Oct 2003 Last revised: 31 Oct 2011 COURSE EVALUATION Homework assignments (100 %) Grading policy: A: 90% and above B: 80% - 89% C: 70% - 79%
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CLIN51504_Syllabus_Fall2011 - Palmer College of...

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