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hw4 - range or value check you would perform if you could...

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CR Long C504: Data Management 15 Dec 2011 Homework #4 – 15 pts ( Due as an e-mail attachment by 8am on Thu, 5 Jan 2012 ): Key-enter the data from your 20 completed data collection forms in the SPSS Data View for the *.sav file you created for HW 3. Please do not write on the completed data collection forms; you will be asked to return them at the end of the course. 1. First make all modifications needed in the SPSS Variable View based on feedback from HW 3. 2. Key the data into the SPSS Data View. 3. Comment on aspects of key entering data into the SPSS Data View that you feel could compromise data integrity. 4. Create a table in Word with each variable listed and indicate the specific
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Unformatted text preview: range or value check you would perform if you could use automated data entry checks. Note : The assignment will NOT be graded on the accuracy of your key entered data. Rather, it is an exercise for you to get familiar with using SPSS to key enter data. The next HW will be to key enter the same data using the PCCR Data Entry software application and to contrast and compare your experiences. You will compare those datasets, as well as clean them, in subsequent HWs. Attach the SPSS data file (*.sav) and the responses to 3. and 4. to your e-mail....
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