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Good Advertising By Stephen M. Perle, DC, MS When I teach ethics or risk-management courses around the country, as well as at the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic, I usually ask, "What makes an advertisement good?" The most common answer is that a good advertisement brings in a lot of new patients. I remind people that this is a risk-management or an ethics class and ask the question again. Often I get the same answer. If the class were in marketing, one might say a good advertisement, an effective advertisement, is one that brings in new patients. An effective advertisement actually might be a bad one. 1 However, in a class on ethics, "good" implies "morally excellent." There are various characteristics that make a health care professional’s advertisement morally excellent. (Please keep in mind that in this era, a Web page also is a type of advertising.) Truthful - Not Deceptive The advertisement must provide truthful information about the doctor. Most states require that chiropractors include the fact they are a chiropractor in their advertisements. Thus, the advertisement must note that the doctor is a DC; a doctor of chiropractic or a chiropractor; use the word "chiropractic" in the practice name; or in some states, use the term "chiropractic physician." I’m sure all of you have seen the advertisements that say, "Dr. John Doe, clinic director," but do not use the word "chiropractic" or "chiropractor" in the title of the clinic. Why doesn’t this doctor acknowledge their chiropractic degree? This is deceptive because most consumers will assume "Dr." means MD, given their dominance in the health care marketplace. - 1 -
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Advertising Ethics - Dynamic Chiropractic Canada Good...

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