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Health Care Marketing Case Study Bonus Option This extra credit assignment is optional and worth a total of 15 points. There are three case studies presented with corresponding answers for you to respond to. All three case studies must be completed for the 15 points. In order to count for credit the exercise must be submitted in hard copy no later than Wednesday, February 15th before the end of the class period. There will be no exceptions to this submission requirement. It must be typed and include your name and matric number on the front page. It will be graded based on completeness of responses. If thorough, a grade of 15 may be earned. One point will be deducted for each answer that is incomplete or too brief in nature. CASE STUDY #1: Teasing with Price SNAPSHOT DETAILS: Institution: o Ashford-Collins Chiropractic Clinic, a recently established provider for chiropractic services Location : o Newport, (population 1,552,259), located in the West South Central region of the United States Characters : o Dr. Thomas Ashford, Co-Owner & Chiropractor; both of Ashford-Collins Chiropractic Clinic) Context : o In this case, two entrepreneurs establish a chiropractic clinic but despite intensive efforts, they cannot seem to attract a viable patient population, leading them to contemplate the use of teaser pricing in their marketing communications. Case Study: Drs. Thomas Ashford and Russell Collins, co-owners of Ashford-Collins Chiropractic Clinic, have their backs up against a wall. They recently established their chiropractic clinic, but after many months of hard work, they have achieved very little traction in the market. Despite their best efforts, patient volume remains low and the lack of a sustainable patient base, must less growth, is forcing them to reconsider their marketing strategies and tactics. They must find a solution to bolster their poor patient volume very quickly or they will have no other choice than to close their chiropractic practice. Ashford-Collins Chiropractic Clinic was established 1 year ago by Drs. Ashford and Collins, following their retirement from the armed services where they served as chiropractic physicians for military serviceman and women. Together, they possess over 40 years of chiropractic experience; however, they are new to entrepreneurship, making this endeavor especially challenging. Drs. Ashford and Collins did not haphazardly decide to enter private practice; they had been planning to do so for years. Stationed together through much of their military careers, the two sought to craft career pathways following their military service and believed that private practice would be a prudent course of action. In preparations for this, they enrolled in business courses, occasionally attended entrepreneurship seminars, and studied their intended marketplace, which happened to be the city where they both were born and raised Newport. Newport, (population 1,552,259), is a thriving metropolis located in the West South Central region of the United States. As one would
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Health Care Marketing Case Study Extra Credit Option -...

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