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Health Presentation Outline

Health Presentation Outline - Constructing a Health...

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Constructing a Health Presentation Outline/Group Critique 30 points (20 points Group Project; 10 points Group Critique) Form a group with a minimum of two members/no greater than four members & complete the following outline: A. Determine general purpose, specific purpose, location, format, target audience 1. General: New patient recruitment; community service; business venue, etc. 2. Specific: Select topic (ie. Chiropractic Care & Treatment of Headaches) 3. Location: In-office; rented space, local library, guest appearance, etc. 4. Target: Baby boomers, factory workers, students, families, etc. B. Put your topic in the form of a question: How Can Chiropractic Care Help Those Suffering from Headaches? C. Construct the introduction of your presentation: 1. Write out your speaker introduction, establishing speaker credibility, topic introduction & overview of top 3 main points D. Sketch out the body of your presentation: 1. Indicate 3 main points that answer your topic question a. Indicate 1 piece of "proof" (example, story, fact) for each main point, and its source
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