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Marketing Plan Assignment Sheet

Marketing Plan Assignment Sheet - Common Problem Areas 1...

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Marketing Plan Draft 100 points (60 points Section One; 40 points Section Two) Assignment details: 1. Due in two sections a. Section One: Situation Analysis/Target Marketing Strategy/Marketing Plan Implementation Strategy (60 points) b. Section Two: Progress Measurement & Monitoring Metrics/Executive Summary (40 points) 2. Must be submitted in hard copy 3. Include rubric as cover page each time plan section is submitted 4. Use format as provided in template 5. Use proper writing mechanics as outlined below Helpful Writing Hints: Writing Mechanics 1. Double-space everything; do not triple, quadruple or use any other spacing 2. Set margins at one inch 3. Write in 3rd person 4. Do not right justify 5. Always make back-up copies of the paper & ensure you save early & often 6. Number the pages 7. Use 12 pt Times New Roman as font Writing Organization 1. Use headings, sub-headings, sub-sub-headings, etc. whenever you change the topic; do not turn in a paper without headings, etc. 2. Indent the beginning of each new paragraph
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Unformatted text preview: Common Problem Areas 1. Know the difference between their and there; two and too; due and do; hear and here; loan and borrow, etc. Use words correctly 2. Spell all words correctly 3. A sentence must include only one basic idea. Business readers prefer short, punchy sentences to long, involved, convoluted sentences 4. A paragraph must contain at least two sentences Structure 1. Punctuate correctly. Refer to Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style if you need assistance. 2. Write in complete sentences; Do not write sentence fragments 3. Do not write run on sentences 4. Do not attempt to convey too much information in one sentence; Rather than write one long, wordy sentence, write several short, clear ones 5. Do not begin a sentence with a number 6. Spell numbers less than 10. Write as a numeral those 10 or greater 7. Do not use the words “got” or “a lot” 8. Write percentages with a number and percentage sign (58%)...
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