Marketing Plan Learner Centered Rubric

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Unformatted text preview: Note: Please submit this completed self-assessment form as your cover sheet when you submit each section of your marketing plan. Name: __________________________________________________________ Plan Section (1 or 2): ____________________ Matric: ____________________ Student Self-Assessment: Using the rubric below, please submit your responses to each of the required four questions in the box below. SCORING: When you submit your paper you begin at the maximum allotted points . Upon grading, points will be deducted in the following manner as necessary: Improper outline format (3 pts) Not written in 3 rd person (3 pts) Missing sections (5 pts per section) Section does not represent data required (3 pts per section) More than 3 areas of incorrect grammar (2 pts) More than 3 spelling errors (3 pts) More than 3 punctuation errors (3 pts) Incorrect margins (2 pts) Pages not numbered (2 pts) STUDENT SECTION: Answer the following: 1. What is the most important single piece of knowledge gained from completing this paper? gained from completing this paper?...
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