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Questions & Responses from Netta Radice Aug 2011

Questions & Responses from Netta Radice Aug 2011 -...

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Unformatted text preview: Questions & Responses from Netta Radice, Graphic Designer 1. What do you think the average amount of time is that is needed to develop an average website? Answer: For the design aspect of it she will start with the Home Page design which typically takes 3 hours at $70/hour. From that point it is typically 1 hour per page. In total, website design is typically 8-10 hours and then she will pass on the files in a layered format to a web designer that will actually write the code and pull it all together in a final format ready for the internet. 2. What’s the most common font used for new business owners and how much needs to be planned for in a budget for all of this design work? Answer: There isn’t a common font used, but there are bad ones to stay away from, which include any font that is hard to read from a distance or a font that is trendy which could potentially date your piece, (making it outdated eventually). The budget should be based on the number of pieces that you need to have done and not just the design although you could start with the logo first, (which is a logical first...
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