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Responses from Doug Tschopp - 1. Is it smart to have...

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1. Is it smart to have multiple business cards for different target markets? What about having multiple websites for the same reason? Sometimes there is a good marketing reason to have multiple websites. You will want a primary site that you drive traffic to with things like business cards and advertising. We do build small secondary sites for specific target markets or separate business initiatives. For example, we are working with a company that primarily runs workout facilities and that business has a website. They have started working on a target market for weight loss that is growing faster than their primary business… those customers would not typically ever set foot in a gym… so a separate site is being built to market to that audience. 2. What is the most important content to have on a website? The basic info people are looking for includes what your business is, what benefits are in it for them to consider using your business, and how to find out more and/or contact you. 3. What would be the number one way to modify a website so handicapped people could use the website? Most important is to make it light on graphics (graphics with text have no value to the blind) and make the navigation text/html based. The graphics that are there need to have description tags. 4. Once a respectful website is up and running, about how long is the time frame before steady traffic is viewing your website? Is it immediate or does it take time to get any interest? It takes a lot of time to get visitors if you don’t ef fectively drive traffic to the site. You need to promote the site at every opportunity. The search engine tips I talked about need to be a priority if you want to build traffic that way. 5.
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Responses from Doug Tschopp - 1. Is it smart to have...

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