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Palmer College of Chiropractic Division of Graduate Studies MS in Clinical Research Program CLIN51502: Biostatistical Thinking and Reasoning 1 Credit Hour Fall 2011 Instructor: Cynthia R. Long, PhD 209 Harris Building Email: Phone: 884-5157 Fax: 884-5227 Office Hours: Drop in or by appointment Teaching Assistant: Ying Cao, MS 210 Harris Building Email: Phone: 884-5189 Office Hours: TBD MEETS Research Center Classroom, LL009 Harris Building Tuesday, 11:10am-12:30pm for 10 wks 8 Nov 2010 – 24 Jan 2012 PREREQUISITES None COURSE DESCRIPTION This course includes topics on general statistical concepts such as: terminology; basic probabilistic notions; measurement issues, including sources of variation, types of measurement error (e.g. chance, systematic) and strategies for minimizing measurement error; types of variables; data description and exploration, the importance of appropriately summarizing data; and the role of statistical methods, in general, in the scientific research process. COURSE OBJECTIVES By the conclusion of this course, students will: Recognize terminology related to statistics and the scientific method Identify measurement issues, including sources of variation and types of measurement error (e.g. chance, systematic) Identify strategies for minimizing measurement error Understand basic descriptive statistics Recognize appropriate data summaries Understand the concepts underlying inferential statistics
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CLIN51502: Biostatistical Thinking & Reasoning Developed: 1 Apr 2003 Last revised: 31 Oct 2011 COURSE EVALUATION Examinations There are no examinations in this course. Homework Assignments Homework assignments (HWs) are given weekly. They are turned in via e-mail by the due date and time (8am). Arrangements should be made with the course instructor regarding late assignments prior to the due date and time. All HWs are to be e-mailed to
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CLIN51502_syllabus_Fall2011 - Palmer College of...

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