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Unformatted text preview: Types of Scientific Articles Articles Session 2 C507 Scientific Writing What are the General Article Types? Types? Investigations Hypotheses Literature Reviews Clinical Procedures Case Reports Case Reviews/Series Technical Reports What are the General Article Types (Cont.)? (Cont.)? Editorials Commentary Letters to the Editor Conference Reports Investigations Investigations Reports of new research findings into the Reports enhancement factors of health, causal aspects of disease, and the establishment of clinical efficacies of related diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. and Hypotheses Hypotheses Preliminary studies which may establish a Preliminary solid basis for further in-depth investigations investigations Think of this as the “pilot study.” Literature Reviews Literature Critical assessments of current knowledge Critical of a particular subject of interest, with emphasis upon better correlation, the pointing up of ambiguities, and the delineation of areas which may constitute areas for further study areas Literature Reviews Literature There are 3 types of literature reviews: Descriptive reviews Systematic reviews Meta-analytic reviews Clinical Procedure Clinical Succinct, informative, didactic papers on Succinct, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, based heavily on current authoritative knowledge knowledge Case Reports Case Accounts of the diagnosis and treatment of Accounts unusual, difficult, or otherwise interesting cases which may have independent educational value or may contribute to better standardization of care for a particular health problem when correlated with similar reports of others. with Case Reviews Case A retrospective comparative assessment retrospective of the diagnosis and treatment of several cases of a similar condition, ie, the comparative evaluation of two or more (perhaps hundreds) of case reports. (perhaps Technical Reports Technical The reporting and evaluation of new or The improved equipment or procedures, or the critical evaluation of old equipment or procedures which have not been critically evaluated. evaluated. Editorials Editorials The presentation of points-of-view or The opinion relating to the editorial purpose of a journal, the emphasizing of evidential support for the fulfillment of that purpose, or the discussion of related controversial issues. issues. Commentary Commentary Editorial-like, more in-depth essays on Editorial-like, matters relating to the clinical, professional, educational, and/or politicolegal aspects of health care principles and practice. principles Letters to the Editor Letters Communications which are directed Communications specifically to the editor which critically assess some aspect of the journal, particularly as such assessment may add to, clarify, or point-up a deficiency in a recently published paper; authors are afforded the privilege of a counterafforded reponse. Conference Reports Conference Documentation of related scientific Documentation conferences, particularly abstracts of presentations, prior to their publication in a proceedings volume or elsewhere. proceedings ...
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