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Unformatted text preview: Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals Biomedical Session 17 C507 Scientific Writing The URM The A small group of editors met in 1978 to small establish guidelines for the format of manuscript submitted to their journals manuscript This group became known as the This Vancouver Group, which later evolved into the ICMJE the The ICMJE has expanded into a body that The sets both ethical and manuscript standards standards The URM The The ICMJE created the URM primarily to The help authors and editors in their mutual task of creating and distributing accurate, clear, easily accessible reports of biomedical studies biomedical The URM can provide stakeholders with The useful insights into the biomedical authoring and editing process authoring Ethical Considerations Ethical Authorship In the past, readers rarely were provided In information about contributions to studies from those listed as authors those Some journals now publish information about Some the contribution each person makes the This does not, however, answer the question This of the quantity and quality of contribution that qualifies for authorship qualifies Ethical Considerations Ethical Authorship criteria (once again) Substantial contribution to conception or Substantial design of study, or acquisition and interpretation of data interpretation Drafting or revising the paper Final approval of the version to be published All who are designated authors should qualify, All and all who qualify should be listed and Must take responsibility for the work Ethical Considerations Ethical Role of the editor The editor is responsible for the entire content The of the journal of Functions of owners and editors differ • Owners make important business decisions and Owners hire and fire the editor hire • Editors must have full authority for determining Editors editorial content of the journal editorial • Editors should resolutely defend this right, to the Editors point of putting their position at stake point Ethical Considerations Ethical Editorial freedom ICMJE adopts the World Association of ICMJE Medical Editors’ definition of editorial freedom Medical This is listed at • Ethical Considerations Ethical Peer review Unbiased, independent, critical assessment is Unbiased, an intrinsic part of all scholarly work, including the scientific process the Peer review is seen as an important extension Peer of the scientific process of Journals should publicly disclose their Journals practices practices Ethical Considerations Ethical Conflicts of interest Conflicts of interest exist when an author (or Conflicts an author’s institution), reviewer, or editor, has financial or personal relationships that in appropriately influence (bias) his or her actions actions These are also known as: • Dual commitments • Competing interests • Competing loyalties Ethical Considerations Ethical Conflicts of interest (cont.) These can arise from: • • • • • • • • Employment Consultancy Stock ownership Honoraria Paid expert testimony Personal relationships Academic competition Intellectual passion Ethical Considerations Ethical Conflict of interest (cont.) All participants in the peer review and All publication process must disclose all relationships that could be viewed as presenting a potential conflict of interest presenting Editors will publish this if they feel it is Editors important in judging the manuscript important Ethical Considerations Ethical Conflict of Interest (cont.) Related to Individual author commitments Related to project support Related to commitments of editors, journal Related staff or reviewers staff Ethical Considerations Ethical Privacy and Confidentiality Patient and study participants Authors and reviewers Ethical Considerations Ethical Protection of Human Subjects and Protection Animals in Research Animals Should state that research was in accordance Should with the ethical standards of the Helsinki Declaration of 1975, as revised in 2000 Declaration Should state that study was approved by IRB Should or IACUC or Should state that consent was received Publishing and Editorial Issues Obligation to publish negative studies Corrections, retractions and “expressions Corrections, of concern” of Copyright Proprietary journals require this “Open access” journals do not Publishing and Editorial Issues Publishing Overlapping publications Duplicate submissions Redundant publication Acceptable secondary publication Competing manuscripts based on the same study • Differences in analysis or interpretation- publish as 2 papers • Differences in reported methods or results- do not publish Differences until disagreement is resolved until Competing manuscripts based on the same database • Consider each separately Publishing and Editorial Issues Publishing Correspondence Supplements, theme issues and special Supplements, series series Electronic publication Links to other sites may suggest Links recommendation of quality for that site- be careful! careful! Advertising Publishing and Editorial Issues Publishing Medical journals and the general media Embargo Little research has clear and urgent clinical Little implications implications Manuscript Preparation Manuscript General Principles Usually will use IMRAD format Electronic publication has opened to door to Electronic immense possibility, linking or layering information information Follow reporting guidelines, such as Follow CONSORT ( CONSORT Title Page Title Title Authors’ names and affiliations, plus degrees Disclaimers Corresponding author Address for reprints Sources of support Running head Word counts Number of figures and tables Conflict of Interest Conflict Enter this on a separate page following the Enter title page title Abstract and Key Words Abstract Been there, done that! Been Introduction Introduction Provide context State the purpose and the question Methods Methods Selection and description of participants Technical information Statistics Results Results Present in logical sequence Extra or supplementary material can be Extra published in the electronic version of the paper paper Discussion Discussion Emphasize the new and important aspects Emphasize of the study of Don’t repeat in detail any data State limitations Explore the clinical implications of the Explore study study Conclusion Conclusion Link the conclusions with the goals of the Link study study Avoid unqualified statements and Avoid conclusions not supported by the data conclusions Do not claim priority References References Small numbers of references to key Small original papers will often serve as well as more exhaustive lists more Avoid using abstracts as references URM style of referencing is based upon URM ANSI standard style used at NLM ( ANSI ) Done in Vancouver style as a result Tables Tables Put each table on a separate page, and Put double space each table double Cite in order of occurrence; make sure you Cite have call-outs have Each table should have a title Identify statistical measures of variations Identify (SD, SEM) (SD, Illustrations Illustrations All figures should be photographic quality All when submitted when Each figure should be at least 5x7 inches Figures should be as self-explanatory as Figures possible possible If using color, check journal policy Provide legends for each illustration Units of Measurement Units Length, height, weight and volume should Length, be reported in metric units or their decimal multiples (ie, m, km, l, ml) multiples Temperature should be in degrees Celsius BP should be in mm of mercury Generally, journals use the SI system Generally, (Systeme Internationale) (Systeme Abbreviations Abbreviations Use only standard abbreviations Do not use them in the title The full term for the abbreviation should The precede its first use in the text unless it is a standard unit of measurement standard Sending the Manuscript to the Journal Journal Send a cover letter Discuss any past submissions that may be Discuss regarded as redundant regarded Provide a statement of conflict of interest Provide a statement that the paper has been Provide read and approved by all authors read Provide contact information for PA Useful Websites Useful World Association of Medical Editors: Council of Science Editors Society for Scholarly Publishing European Association of Science Editors ...
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