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Unformatted text preview: Publication ethics Publication Sessions 22-23 C507 Scientific Writing Introduction Introduction In these sessions, we will look at a number In of situations where bioethics regarding publication are in some manner violated publication Discussion will be key here Scenario 1 Scenario Allegations of falsification of data Scenario 2 Scenario “Ownership of data” and the Freedom on Ownership Information Act Information Scenario 3 Scenario Redundant publication Scenario 4 Scenario Undisclosed data-dredging Scenario 5 Scenario Conflict of interest Scenario 6 Scenario Withdrawal of an accepted paper Scenario 7 Scenario Confidentiality of reviews Scenario 8 Scenario Noneditorial use of privileged information Scenario 9 Scenario Sequence of publication Scenario 10 Scenario Commitment to publish Scenario 11 Scenario Bias against publication of negative results Scenario 12 Scenario Subsidized journal issues and proceedings Subsidized of sponsored meetings of Scenario 13 Scenario Results of a “black box” procedure Scenario 14 Scenario Prior publication in a “throwaway” journal Scenario 15 Scenario Non-English publication Scenario 16 Scenario Disputes over authorship Scenario 17 Scenario Group review Scenario 18 Scenario Possibley unethical research Scenario 19 Scenario Lack of informed consent and IRB Lack approval approval ...
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