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aging spine kw handout - Healthy Aging 101 Take home...

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Healthy Aging 101 Take home messages on the Aging Spine The Kirkaldy-Willis (KW) model indicates that there are three stages related to back problems (not necessarily progressive): 1. Dysfunction -subluxation or poor biomechanics can lead to dysfunction 2. Instability -trauma or prolonged dysfunction can lead to this 3. Stabilization -the body tries to fuse, immobilize, or splint unstable areas or areas that are in constant state of disuse or microtrauma. Subluxation, as viewed from its biomechanical component, is a part of the KW model, and it may take a series of adjustments to break the cycle, as the body returns to appropriate function and responds to mechanical changes/derangements. Additional therapeutic options may be helpful to address other aspect of joint and muscle health, and biomechanics. The scientific evidence has shown that ‘degenerative’ radiographic or MRI findings are not predictive of the health status of the patient. (Degeneration does not predict that the patient will be disabled or in pain.) DJD or DDD is the body’s innate process to stabilize and protect and area/joint secondary to stresses (macro or micro), etc. It is the outcome of the normal coupling of synthesis and degradation. Immobility or disuse
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aging spine kw handout - Healthy Aging 101 Take home...

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