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Get up and move get decreased adl decline by 039 p002

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Unformatted text preview: q Five senses do decline: Taste, vision, smell, hearing & touch So what can WE do? Get up and Move! Get Decreased ADL decline by 0.39 (p<0.02) with 1 hour of exercise twice a week for 1 year ….. Rolland et al JAGS 2007; 55:158 q Aerobic exercise for 6 months decreased brain atrophy….. Colcombe et al J Gerontol A 2006; 61:1166 q What’s Wrong with this Picture? What’s Wellness care of an aging mind Wellness Exercise your mind! (brain teasers, crossword puzzles, Jeopardy!) (Snowden D: “Aging with Grace”) q Screen for depression (4th leading cause of injury-death in aged = suicide*) q Deep breathing, physical activity, gingko biloba, etc. q What’s Important In Wellness Care of Aging Patients? Care Baseline assessment q Vigilance for marked/sudden change! q Adjusting and giving health advice q Watch for polypharmacy! q Be A Team Player!! Be Wellness of Wellness body, mind & spirit... spirit Wellness care of an aging spirit Wellness q Volunteering improves health status, and reduces pain in older pts.** q Laughter decreases pain, depression, and increases “will to live” in elderly* Participation in faith based activities increases in later years q Higher levels of spirituality are associated with better general health* q Laughter truly IS the best medicine ! medicine Wellness recommendations: The aging spirit The Participate q Explore spirituality q Volunteer q Contribute q Stay Engaged q Laugh! “Love cannot exist in isolation, it has to be put into action, and that action is service.” Mother Theresa So Future Doctors, Can philosophically based DCs promote wellness in aging patients? aging Pop Quiz: Heart Disease Pop q What is the patient presentation for a patient with heart problems? q About what percent of older persons have hypertension or heart disease? q What is “good” advice for such pts? q Isnt it too late to improve the heart health of older patients? Some Chiropractic Cases That Make You Think…. That Nel is a 68 year old re...
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