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first day slides intro to aging well

She smokes and so she breathes laboriously in her

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Unformatted text preview: d headed farmNel raised Iowa girl. She hates doctors. raised (healthy as a horse!) She comes to see you for neck pain. She smokes, and so she breathes laboriously. In her exam you also notice a lesion on her nose. She says she has had it for years. It scabs over then is fine for months, then scabs over again. She is annoyed by your questions about her nose; She just wants you to fix her neck! just OK, what next? OK, Harry is a 70 year old diabetic patient. He has seen many chiros. for his low back pain and sciatica. He comes in today with leg pain. He said it started off as foot pain, then started hurting higher up. Now his whole leg hurts. His foot appears kind of reddish. His leg is really bothering him and he wants an adjustment. What next? an Is Aging All Bad? Is (You can run, but you can’t hide! Take Home Messages Take q There are MANY ways to promote “healthy aging” q Be a DOCTOR of chiropractic. q Be a team player q Remember, health is a function of body, mind and spirit. Do not ignore... Do Subluxation/misalignment q Patient’s posture (and your own!!) q Presence of external stressors q Changes in pt’s support network, family circumstances, etc q Patient’s coping skills, emotional state, etc. q THANK YOU !!! THANK...
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