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Q lung tissue compliance q alveolar size w o2

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Unformatted text preview: chest wall compliance. q ↓ lung tissue compliance. q ↓ alveolar size w/ ↓ O2 exchange. q ↓ in vital capacity. So what can WE do? Top 3... Top q Heart Disease-Top killer, and 2nd cause of disability. Several million deaths/yr. US* q Cancer-2nd leading cause of death w/ 2 million deaths/yr. in US, 5 million new diagnoses/yr.* q Stroke- 3rd leading cause of death w/ >150,000 deaths and many more disabled (Nat’l Center for Health Statistics, CDC) ♥♥HEART ♥♥: ♥♥HEART ♥♥ What can WE do? What Adjust! q Encourage patients to stop smoking!! q Increase water consumption (for Hi BP) q Physical activities (of course!) q Hi fiber, hi veggie/fruit and fish diet (Mediterranean diet*) Ascerio, Serving, et al. q Stress management/reduction (How?) q Supplements: A, B, C, E, Omega 3s q Cancers: What can we do? Cancers: Skin-protection/prevention/early detection q Lung-QUIT smoking; avoid 2nd hand smoke q Gender – Breast: ↓ fat & alcohol, ↑ phys activ, early detection (self exam, mammogr) – Prostate: Lo fat, early detection (DRE+)* q Colo-rectal- FOB, ↑ fiber & CA++, ↓ fat (Amer. Cancer Society: q Injury Prevention Injury If Not Us, Then Who? If Injuries are a leading Injuries cause of death in all age groups, including the elderly. elderly. Injuries In The Elderly Injuries q Occur mostly at home* q WAY more serious in elderly pts q Are most often due to falls* q Kill even our healthiest patients Who’s At Risk For Falls?* Who’s q Osteoporotic patients q Pts on several medications* q Confused or depressed patients q Visually or hearing impaired q Caffeine or alcohol consumers (www.CDC/NIOSH) Injury Prevention 101 Injury q Keep your patient adjusted!!! q Assess & reassess your patient. q Ask questions and listen well. q Give advice; sound advice. q Follow up and follow through! Wellness of Wellness body, mind & mind spirit... spirit... Normal Neurologic Changes Normal nerve conduction: ↓ nerve cells & brain weight. q Slower q Changing sleep patterns: 8 Hrs?*...
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