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Unformatted text preview: Communicating Communicating Geriatric –Friendliness in Your Practice Lisa Z. Killinger, DC Palmer College of Chiropractic Issues in “Geriatric Friendliness” Issues in “Geriatric Friendliness” • • • • • • • Facilities Surroundings Equipment Lighting Sound Forms Communications and You!! Facilities Facilities • Carpeting issues­ no deep pile, caution • • • • • with ‘runners’ or area rugs Marking steps up/down Handrails, esp. in restrooms Well­ lit halls and other areas Easy­open doors, flat, smooth thresholds Others? You tell me! Surroundings Surroundings • Location, Location, Location!!! • • • On a bus route? Near a senior housing facility? Near their other healthcare facilities? Is parking close by and safe? Sidewalks and parking lot (repair unevenness, cracks, potholes, etc.) Stairs? Clearly marked with hand rails Equipment Equipment • Tables (wider/softer = better/safer) • Chairs (not too low/deep)­arm rests • Bathrooms, slip­proof, handrails • Paper towels and wet floors­design facilities to reduce slippery floors Equipment –cont… Equipment –cont… • Easy open doors (& can be opened from outside, in case of emergency) • Massage equipment, heat, ice, adaptable to older pts. (Toweling avail; lower settings, etc) • More? Communication­ Communication­ The bigger picture • • • • • Barriers to good communication Taking a history successfully Listening Communication with hearing impaired pts Helping visually impaired patients give you the info you need • Redirecting the verbal wanderer Barriers: Lighting and Sound Barriers: Lighting and Sound • Remember: 1/3 to 1/2 of older pts are • • • • visually or hearing impaired “Mood lighting” is not for seniors Background music makes hearing impossible for hearing impaired pts. No music in patient interview area! Be aware of outdoor/traffic noise, air conditioning noise, etc. Helping the visually impaired Helping the visually impaired patient get you the info you need.. Forms Forms • LARGE bold sans­serif sans­serif print is easier to (FRUSTRATING, eh?) ! see see List any auto accidents List any auto accidents or injuries you have had in the last 5 years: ________________________ OR…. List any auto accidents or injuries you have had in the last 5 years: ___________________________ ___________________________ Have your staff Have your staff (You can do this before you get . • busy in practice!) print a separate set of large print forms forms for your older/visually impaired patients. Your patients will thank you! Be AWARE of GLARE With hearing impaired patients… With hearing impaired patients… • Can you slow down/speak clearly? • Will you face pts when you speak? • Will you be patient while pts answer? • Can you listen,... then talk? For good reason, we have… For good reason, we have… 2 of these & only 1 of these Communication Communication • Can you, politely and kindly, re­direct a “verbally wandering” patient? • Will you be able to (comfortably) support your patients, assist them in getting up, etc? • Will you be able to talk about death/dying? How do you redirect verbal How do you redirect verbal wanderers? Be a wealth of information! Be a wealth of information! • Provide community resource directories for aging patients • Know the hot topics in aging: www.aarp.org or www.nihseniorhealth.gov • Find college courses, exercise classes, restaurants geared towards seniors, aging services centers etc. Be an Advocate of Healthy, Be an Advocate of Healthy, Successful Aging • Communicate re. preventive screenings • Assess and educate about home safety, health promotion & prevention • Reward healthy behaviors (Walk a 1,000 mile campaigns, etc) • Provide opportunities for older pts. to interact/play with younger patients • Consider a “bartering network” Encourage older patients to Encourage older patients to volunteer! (Volunteering improves health) Be a good role model… Volunteer yourself! ...
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  • Summer '09
  • Killinger
  • auto accidents, older/visually impaired patients, impaired pts, Geriatric Friendliness, Lisa Z. Killinger

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