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Unformatted text preview: The Bigger Picture The of of Nutrition and Aging Nutrition Lisa Killinger, DC Nutrition, The BIGGER Picture Nutrition, Many issues intertwine w/ aging and nutrition – Poverty – Physical Limitations Physical – Oral Health – Depression & Dementia – Vision – Education/Choices POVERTY Issue: One in 10 Issue: elderly person in America exists below poverty level poverty Solutions: Solutions: – Meals on Wheels, Meals – Meal sharing, Meal – Eat fresh (rather than Eat buying packaged foods) foods PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS PHYSICAL Issues: Vision Impaired, Arthritis, Issues: Ambulatory?, Dementia Ambulatory?, Solutions: – – – – Assessment (baseline & beyond) Assessment Strengthening/ROM exercises Buddy system Magnifiers for reading labels ORAL HEALTH ISSUES ISSUES Missing teeth Poorly fitting dentures Sores in mouth Loss of appetite Decreased sense of Decreased taste taste Dry mouth Difficulty swallowing Dehydration ORAL HEALTH –cont. ORAL Solutions: – Referral to dentist for treatment of oral health Referral issues issues – Rehydrate-educate about importance of H2O – Spice it up a bit! – Discover new, flavor-filled foods – How about soup? – Introduce a variety of liquid food sources Freshly made fruit or vegetable juices Smoothies with soy, fiber, etc Over the counter products Vision Impairment Vision Issues: Cataracts, limited vision (can’t Cataracts, drive, read labels, operate stove) drive, Solutions: Referral for vision testing, Referral correction, surgery correction, Partnering/support network Depression & Dementia Depression Issue: – Depression –leads to? Solutions: Treatment, Solutions: counseling, support, nutrition nutrition Issue: Dementia = danger! Solutions: Adult day care, Solutions: reminiscence, activities, heart-smart diet/practices heart-smart Aging: Unique Nutritional Needs Aging: For aging persons, a similar food pyramid but… pyramid – SUPPLEMENTS: Ca++, Vit. D, and B12 – WATER: explicitly part of the pyramid (minimum WATER: of 6 cups of water per day; not counting coffee) of – FEWER CALORIES: 1,200-1,600/day – DENSE: More nutrient dense food Nutritional Guidelines: Aging Nutritional Other important concepts... Other HEART HEALTHY: Mediterranean diet HEART FIBER: 30 Grams/day PLANTS: Whole grains, vegetables, fruits FISH: Should replace red meat 2-3 times/week FISH: (fish reduces stroke risk) (fish OLIVE OIL: Instead of animal fat or butter What Do These Diseases Have in Common? ? Have (Think Prevention Through Diet) Heart Disease Prostate Cancer Breast Cancer Colon Cancer Uterine Cancer Stroke Stroke Dieting in Aging Persons Dieting Diets tend to decrease muscle mass If weight is regained, fatty tissue is gained Weight loss should only be recommended Weight with physical activity (moderate) with Think nutrient dense! Water and fiber Colon Cancer Prevention Colon 1 in 17 people get colon cancer in the US 55,000 deaths/year in US alone Almost all colon cancer is in people over 50 High fat, low fiber diet, & alcohol increase High risks risks RECOMMEND: low fat, high fiber, drug free (Am. (Am. Cancer Soc. 1999. Colon CA) Cancer Fiber: How to get 30 gms/Day Fiber: 9-10 g: Canned beans (chili or kidney) 7-9 g: Popcorn 5-7 g: Seeded berries 4-12 g: Wheat bran cereals 4 g: WW or buckwheat pasta/pancakes 3 g: Whole wheat breads, bagels, etc. 3-4 g: Dried fruits 3-5 g: Raw fruits and veggies Recommendations: (Evidence-based) (Evidence-based) Drink Water-It’s free! Take supplements, or focus on nutrient Take dense foods with CA++, Vit D and B dense Vitamins A, E, and C (antioxidants) More “live” foods (veggies) Juicers for better liquid nutrition Balance, moderation (limit fats/sweets) Balance... Balance... Balance carbs, fats, proteins Decreased need for protein* *Keep in mind the need for fiber, vitamins *Keep and minerals Help your patients age well through better nutrition! better ...
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