TinettiGait - Performance-Oriented Assessment of Gait Patient's Name Date Instructions Ask the patient to perform each of the maneuvers described

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Performance-Oriented Assessment of Gait P a t i e n t ' s N a m e : Date: Instructions: Ask the patient to perform each of the maneuvers described in the chart. The patient should stand with the examiner in an obstacle-free hallway. Patient will use usual walking aid, if necessary. Examiner should ask the patient to walk down the hallway at his or her usual pace and observes one component of gait at a time. For some components, the examiner walks behind the patient; for others, the examiner walks next to the patient. It may require several trips to complete the assessment. Record the observations made according to the types of responses. The patient’s response to each maneuver will align most closely with one of the criteria in the tool. Accurate assessment is dependent upon close observation of the patient during each maneuver. Patient Response to Maneuver Components ^ Normal = 1 Abnormal = 0 Score Initiation of gait (patient asked to begin walking down hallway) Begins walking immediately without observable hesitation; initiation of gait
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