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CANCER SIGNS, RISKS, SCREENINGS AND PREVENTION Type of Cancer Risk factors Symptoms Recommended Screenings Preventive Strategies Breast No children or having 1 st child after age 35; family history of CA; high fat, alcohol, or caffeine intake; use of oral contraceptives Lump in breast tissue, change in breast or nipple, i.e. redness, tenderness, etc. Baseline mammogram at age 40, every other year after that. Monthly self breast exam. Annual breast exam by doctor. Limit or abstain from alcohol and caffeine consumption, have kids early in life, decrease fat in diet, use natural family planning methods Testicular Undescended testicle Lump in, enlargement of, or pain in testicle. Ache in groin or lower abdomen, fluid collection in scrotum. Regular (monthly) self exam, and annual testicular exam by doctor. Boxers, not briefs, natural fiber , loose fitting pants/underwear Cervix Multiple pregnancies, intercourse before age 18 or with multiple partners, history of venereal warts (HPV) or gonorrhea. Diet
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