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Checklist for Evaluating a Research Report Overall grade: A B C D F Title _________________________________________________________________________ The Title: 1. Is the title concisely stated? 2. Does the title convey the content of the study? I. Introduction A. Statement of Problem 1. Is the problem significant? 2. Is the problem clearly and completely formulated? 3. Is the general scope or setting of the study adequately presented? 4. Is the purpose of the study precisely stated? B. Related Research 1. Is previous research related to the study presented by the investigator? 2. Is the previous research integrated or merely enumerated? 3. Is a succinct and meaningful summary presented? C. Hypotheses or Questions 1. Are the hypotheses to be tested or the questions to be answered clearly stated? 2. Are the hypotheses stated in a form that permits them to be tested? D. Assumptions and Delimitations 1. Are the assumptions underlying the study made explicit? 2. Are these assumptions reasonable?
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Research_Report_Evaluation_Checklist - Checklist for...

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