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Instrumentation Checklist - ISA Nervoscope Checklist Study...

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ISA Nervoscope Checklist / Study Guide Patient Placement 1. Patient is gowned or has shirt removed (ideally acclimation occurs for 10 minutes) 2. Jewelry, glasses, and garments must be removed/unfastened/unbuckled from the full spine glide path (Occ-S2) 3. Patient is seated with proper posture and with spinal curves intact a. Feet flat on the ground with hands in lap either “ palms up” or “ palms down” b. Patient is seated even with the “back of the stool” for a cervical instrumentation c. Patient is seated “slightly forward” for thoraco -lumbar instrumentation Doctor’s Stance / Instrument Grip 1. Cervical Glide a. Scissored stance 45° (or less) to patient with contact arm in line with patient’s spine b. Contact elbow is in close to the doctor’s body Single hand grip of instrument c. Stabilization hand will support the forehead or sweep hair 2. Thoraco-lumbar Glide a. Scissored stance with anterior leg flexed stabilizing body against the stool b.
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