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Nancy Crawley THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL was set in London during the 1770’s. This performance was filled with drama and lies. People were very conceiving to get what they wanted. It appeared to be just like the atmosphere of a high school because of so much drama. In my opinion, the play was of very old school and hard to follow. This was 250 years before our time, yet today, we can relate to the story of the play because of all the rumors, gossip, and drama that still exist in current everyday life. THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL started in a home with Lady Sneerwell, a wealthy young widow, who got her jollies out of the gossiping and scandalous spreading of unnecessary rumors. Her gossip at the moment revolved around ways to break up Charles Surface and Maria. Lady Sneerwell was in love with Charles, but he was in love with Maria. Joseph, the brother of Charles, also loved Maria; so in an attempt to end the relationship between Charles and Maria, Lady Sneerwell and Joseph worked and plotted together. They began to spread rumors that Charles was having an affair with Lady Teazle, the new young wife of Sir Peter Teazle.
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school for scandal nac - Nancy Crawley THE SCHOOL FOR...

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