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Exergy Analysis for CO 2 C 3000 T H 1873.15 K T L 673.15 K 0.0172 mol ceria /s [H 2 O] i 0.1609 mol H2O /mol ceria p O2 1.013*10 -5 bar Q solar 3000 W Q reradiation 698.09 W Q reactor,net 2301.9 W Irr dissociation 2.11 W/K Q cooling 1777.09 W Irr cooling 4.34 W/K Q CO2-reducer 181.74 W Irr CO2-reducer 0.81 W/K Q FC 35.47 W W FC 353.89 W
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Unformatted text preview: η exergy 11.80 % η absorption 76.73 % Assumptions: [H 2 O] i =2δ i Enthalpies: Thermal dissociation: 33.48 kJ/mol ceria Hydrolysis:-10.80 kJ/mol ceria Thermal dissociation: 33,48 kJ/mol ceria Hydrolysis:-11,31 kJ/mol ceria...
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