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Comm._St._10_notes_mass_media - Comm Studies 10 Lecture...

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Comm. Studies 10 Lecture Notes (Mass Media) 20 th Century of Mass Communication o innovation, prevalence o Film, recording industry as of 19 th century o Radio, TV, internet o Spread proliferation o Increasingly more important o Mass media even from start of the day o Mass media influence throughout day (music, news, books, newspaper, radio, movies, etc.) o Mass media consumes larger portion of our lives (1/3 of day) o More time watching TV than anything else besides work/sleep o Television We have more of them than cars, washing machines, and phones 98.8% of American households have TV Houses that don’t have TV, its because of a values choice (may be wealthier, more educated) On in average American household 8 hrs. a day Average Americans watch 4 hrs. a day College kids watch less TV than anyone else Most households have more than one o Content vs. Medium Functions Some independent of content, tied to general medium Medium Function: based on general nature of its use Ex. Mating function of movies Ex. Way in which radio brought people together o It didn’t matter what they were listening to Content Function: based on specific info of that media event Vote guiding function of newspapers Societal Functions of Mass Media o Status Conferral Mass media confers status on ideas, issues, organizations, people Tells people these things are important Legitimize an issue or a status o Passing on of norms, values, traditions We can learn this stuff from families, friends, school Mass media (esp. fiction) teaches us right/wrong and important values Enforces norms, values, and traditions by telling us tales of those who have broken them and their punishment for it o Narcotizing Derived from narcotic (blunts senses)
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Mass media can create a sense of apathy due to information overflow o Services Political System Helps it work/function effectively Leaders use mass media to address us Used in political campaigns Daily informs us about what is happening o Create Community or Social Cohesion Provides us with common basis of knowledge, interest, focus Used to gather at common social gathering places Mass media can hold us together and push us apart o Services the economy Market reports, business community, business news Role of advertising in mass media Helps fuel capitalist machine Individual uses of Mass Media o Guide behavior o Guide understandings o Develop self-concept Identification (with people or things you see in the mass media and through these we learn about ourselves) We pay especially close attention to those like us (race, culture, occupation, roles) Role models Lack of positive role models for women on T.V.
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Comm._St._10_notes_mass_media - Comm Studies 10 Lecture...

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