MS-EST 143 Syllabus 2009

MS-EST 143 Syllabus 2009 - Materials Science / Energy...

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Materials Science / Energy Science and Technology 143 Solid State Electrochemistry for Energy Storage and Conversion Spring Quarter 2009 Instructor: Prof. Sossina M. Haile 307 Steele Laboratories, x2958, [email protected] Organizational Meeting: 214 Steele, Monday, Mar. 30, 9-10 am Class Meetings: MWF 9-10am, location TBD [214 Steele or NMC] Teaching Assistant: Mary Louie, 328 Steele, x 2309 , [email protected] TA Office Hours: TBA (likely Tuesdays) Required Text: none Recommended Text: “CRC Handbook of Solid State Electrochemistry,” Eds. P.J. Gellings & H.J.M. Bouwmeester; “Physical Chemistry of Ionic Materials: Ions and Electrons in Solids,” by Joachim Maier Reserved Texts: The two recommended texts, plus “Electrochemical Impedance (coming to SFL) Spectroscopy,” by Mark E. Orazem and Bernard Tribollet Course Content: Introduction to Electrochemical Energy Technologies The Global Energy Landscape Overview: Fuel Cells, Batteries, Sensors, Permeation Membranes Solid State and Physical Chemistry Review Crystalline Structure, Microstructure, Amorphous Structure Gibbs Free Energy and Binary Phase Diagrams Bulk Defect Chemistry
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MS-EST 143 Syllabus 2009 - Materials Science / Energy...

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