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New England Puritan1 - New England Puritans & Pilgrims In A...

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In A Nutshell It was a dramatic historical moment. A community of devoutly religious Christians traveled across the ocean to a relatively unknown land, radically different from the society they left behind. For these travelers, who called themselves Pilgrims , the journey took on spiritual as well as physical significance. When they arrived on the new continent, it was not simply the vast forests or lack of densely populated areas and developed commercial markets that made it a land of opportunity and rebirth. The New World represented a fresh slate, an ocean away from the sins and corruption of the Old World and a chance to start anew, to build a society from the ground up on firmly pious principles. Native Americans' contact with these newcomers was a startling encounter across a vast cultural and spiritual divide. Not only did European settlement encroach upon their lands, but it brought devastating plagues of diseases never before encountered on the North American continent, which soon decimated Indian populations. Both the English and the Indians survived the setbacks and the ravages of disease and death; different members of both groups approached one another with a range of reactions, from trust
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New England Puritan1 - New England Puritans & Pilgrims In A...

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