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History of American Journalism

History of American Journalism - History of American...

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History of American Journalism In A Nutshell America's first newspaper, Publick Occurrences , was published in Boston in 1690. Today, just over three centuries later, we have more than 1400 dailies in this country, with the two largest ( USA Today and the Wall Street Journal ) claiming circulations exceeding two million readers each. 1 The first newspaper promised to provide its readers with the news, "both foreign and domestic." Today we expect our newspapers to do the same, but our definition of what constitutes the news has expanded considerably over the centuries. We would now consider the religious commentary and sermons that filled many of the first American newspapers to be totally out of place—just as they would surely deem inappropriate the attention we pay to crime, scandal, sports, and entertainment in today's papers. The newspaper is one of our most revered cultural institutions—but its history has been one of change and adaptation. Today, with the rise of the internet
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