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The Federalists In A Nutshell With the ratification of the Constitution , the United States celebrated a new political beginning. Yet while most Americans were optimistic, great challenges still lay ahead: national and state debts, a stagnant economy, and foreign threats lurking in Florida, Canada, and the Mississippi Valley. There were internal political divisions, as well. Over the next twelve years, two presidents, George Washington and John Adams, would play the principal role in steering the young nation through these challenges. These Federalist presidents would accomplish a great deal, both domestically and internationally, but by 1800, their party and their policies would be rejected by the American public . Why Should I Care? Americans still celebrate George Washington as the father of the country, but the nation that began to take shape during his presidency was not the one he had in mind. The raucous political debate, combative political parties, and broad definition of freedom of speech that emerged
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