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Early American Immigration In A Nutshell From the colonial period to 1882, immigration into the United States was essentially free and unrestricted. Millions of immigrants poured into the country, helping to transform a peripheral outpost of the British Empire into one of the most populous and prosperous nations in the world. Immigration always generated opposition, however, and nativist movements regularly appeared in American life. Why Should I Care? Who cares about the history of immigration to America 100 or 200 years ago? Sure, immigration today is a major political issue, inflaming strong passions on all sides of the debate over what should be done (or not done) to change our country's immigration laws . But America in 1750 or 1850 was a very different country, and immigration issues back then looked very different than they do today. There were no Minutemen guarding the Mexican border , no armies of activists marching through the streets of Los Angeles shouting " ¡Legalización Para Todos! ," no Spanish
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