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Reconstruction In A Nutshell Reconstruction , the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, was one of the most revolutionary episodes in American history. The war had opened the door to far-reaching changes in American society. In the twelve years that followed the Confederate surrender at Appomattox , the United States pursued some of its noblest values and committed some of its darkest betrayals. By the end of Reconstruction, the federal government and its citizenry, in both the North and the South, would be forever transformed. The legacy of Reconstruction would be debated for over a century, until the Civil Rights Movement set out to finish what Reconstruction had begun. Why Should I Care? If you care about the Civil Rights Movement , you should care about Reconstruction. If you are concerned with racial equality in America, you need to study Reconstruction. If you have ever been curious about the history behind the current debate over the role of the federal government in people's lives, then this is the chapter of history for you. Reconstruction was a truly revolutionary time. It was the sort of experiment in expanded federal
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