History of Labor Unions

History of Labor Unions - History of Labor Unions In A...

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History of Labor Unions In A Nutshell A union is an organization established by and for workers to pursue collective workplace goals: wages, benefits, work rules, power Unions arose after the Civil War as one response to modern industrial economy Unions grew rapidly from 1930s-50s, shrank from 1960s-present Workers have always disagreed amongst themselves over whether to have unions and what kinds of unions they should have Changes to federal labor law have largely determined whether unions grew or shrank Over the course of more than a century, the labor movement has played a profound role—for better or worse—in shaping how Americans live and work. The influence of unions has waxed and waned during a long and sometimes bloody struggle for power in the workplace. The labor movement's status has always been precarious due to Americans' love -hate attitude toward organized labor. Today, just like a century ago, some citizens passionately believe that unions are crucial bulwarks of freedom, while others feel just as strongly that they are at best an anachronism and at worst an obstacle to progress. Why Should I Care? Unions have been growing smaller and less powerful for 40 years But unions are still very important in certain areas: the auto industry, public education, print journalism, politics Unions hope that proposed changes to labor law to allow card-check voting will lead to resurgence; many businesses hope it doesn't Do unions still matter? Unions have now been shrinking, in terms of both membership and power, more or less steadily for some fifty years . Today, only about one out of every eight American workers belongs to a union—and if you don't count government employees, that figure drops even lower, to about one in twelve. Unions in the twenty-first century arguably have less influence on American society than they have at any time since the 1920s .
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History of Labor Unions - History of Labor Unions In A...

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