Muckrakers - Muckrakers Reformers In A Nutshell From...

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In A Nutshell From education to monopoly to suffrage to prohibition, the many issues that Progressive reformers tackled reflected the variety of their ambitious goals. Some Progressives sought to restore democracy to government, others wanted to bring more opportunities to poor schoolchildren and immigrants, and still others worked to maintain fair enterprise in the business world. Progressives—primarily white, middle-and-upper-class individuals—had good intentions, for the most part, and achieved much success. Yet their victories often yielded unexpected consequences, serious limitations, and even tragic legacies, demonstrating that deep contradictions afflicted the Progressive movement. Internal differences were bound to arise within such a diverse coalition of reformers, and these internecine conflicts made it quite difficult to characterize the entire movement. From a historical perspective, the Progressive legacy has been both admired for its accomplishments and reviled for its failure to address other key problems and contradictions—like racism and nativism
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Muckrakers - Muckrakers Reformers In A Nutshell From...

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