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In A Nutshell The onset of Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union following World War II had major ramifications for American society, as the problem of how to deal with domestic Communists became a major political and social preoccupation. Why Should I Care? Until the Cold War, Communists never made much of an impact on American life. There were never very many of them, and their dream of leading a proletarian revolution in the United States seemed so far-fetched that it bordered on the unthinkable. Most Americans despised the Communists, but weren't particularly preoccupied with them. Then, a few years after World War II , the United States found itself locked in potentially mortal confrontation with the Soviet Union. Suddenly American Communists, that tiny fringe of wannabe revolutionaries, came to represent a major problem in American society. There still weren't many of them. They still had little power or influence. They still had a
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