The French - The French & Indian War Summary &...

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The French & Indian War Summary & Analysis A Different American History? Americans like to think of their nation's history as predestined, driven by some sort of inner logic. From the landing of the Pilgrims through the Revolution and Civil War, and onward through more recent battles for civil and human rights, we like to tell a story of slow but steady progress toward liberty and justice for all. Whether or not that story accurately reflects the reality of American history—some historians would say yes, others no—it is a compelling narrative that makes it easy to assume that America was fated to follow a certain path. But America's history was not pre-ordained. If events had unfolded along a different path, at any one of dozens of decisive moments in our past, things could have turned out differently. One of the most dramatic of those decisive moments occurred in the 1750s, a time when the future of the North American continent was not at all clear. Three powerful empires—France , Great Britain , and the Iroquois League —all claimed the right to control the interior of the continent, and all had
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The French - The French & Indian War Summary &...

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