The War of 1812 Summary

The War of 1812 Summary - The War of 1812 Summary &...

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America's Forgotten War? The War of 1812 has been called America's forgotten war. Wedged between the Revolution and the Civil War , its causes, battles and consequences are familiar to few. The War of 1812 is also, perhaps, America's most diversely interpreted war. Everyone agrees that Britain's disrespect for American maritime rights—its interference with American trade and its illegal impressment of seamen off American ships—severely strained Anglo-American relations in the years before 1812. But there is considerable disagreement as to why this ultimately led to war and what this war represented. One group of historians argues that the war was a complete waste of resources and lives. For starters, they say, it was unnecessary. When Britain failed to meet James Madison's demand that it revoke the Order in Council declaring American commercial vessels subject to interception and seizure, Congress declared war . Within a week of the declaration, however, Britain did suspend the provocative order —and the cause for war was thus eliminated. With just a bit more patience, or more efficient communication, these historians argue, the war could have been avoided entirely. In addition, these historians argue that the war was inconsequential. After three years of fighting and nearly 6000 American casualties, the United States and Great Britain agreed to a treaty that resolved none of the substantive issues that had prompted the war. In fact, the argument over
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The War of 1812 Summary - The War of 1812 Summary &...

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