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Thomas FITZSIMONS - in St Mary’s Roman Catholic...

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Thomas FITZSIMONS (1741-1811) FITZSIMONS, Thomas, a Delegate and a Representative from Pennsylvania; born in Ireland in 1741; immigrated to the United States and entered a counting-house in Philadelphia, Pa., as clerk; commanded a company of volunteer home guards during the Revolutionary War; Member of the Continental Congress in 1782 and 1783; member of the State house of representatives in 1786 and 1787; delegate to the United States Constitutional Convention in 1787; elected as a Pro-Administration candidate to the First, Second, and Third Congresses (March 4, 1789-March 3, 1795); unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1794 to the Fourth Congress; president of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce; trustee of the University of Pennsylvania; founder and director of the Bank of North America; died in Philadelphia, Pa., on August 26, 1811; interment
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Unformatted text preview: in St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Churchyard. Ingersoll, Jared Ingersoll, Jared, 1749–1822, American jurist, b. New Haven, Conn.; son of Jared Ingersoll (1722–81) and father of Charles Jared Ingersoll. After studying law in England, he was admitted (1773) to the bar in Philadelphia and became a leading attorney; he later argued many important cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. He served (1780–81) in the Continental Congress and was (1787) a delegate to the Federal Constitutional Convention. In Pennsylvania he was attorney general (1790–99, 1811–17), U.S. district attorney (1800–1801), and presiding judge (1821–22) of the district court of Philadelphia co. In 1812 he was the unsuccessful candidate for Vice President, running on the antiwar Republican and Federalist ticket headed by De Witt Clinton....
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