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AS19_Syllabus - US Air Force Aim High Fly Fight Win AS19...

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US Air Force – Aim High… Fly, Fight, Win AS19 Syllabus Fall Quarter 2011 UCLA UCLA
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AS19 US Air Force – Aim High…Fly, Fight, Win Fall 2011 Quarter 1. Instructor Name: Capt Jared Grady Office: Student Activities Center (SAC) 226 Office Hours: By Appointment Office phone: (310) 825-9758 E-Mail: [email protected] 2. Class Time, Location, and Credit: a. Wednesday 1300-1350 SAC 215 1.0 hour/1 unit b. Official university enrollment is required to attend class. Those not enrolled by week three will not be allowed to attend class without an official memorandum providing a valid explanation for lack of enrollment 3. Course Description : This seminar will revolve around discussion of issues currently faced by the U.S. Air Force. Topics will include operations in the Air, Space, and Cyberspace domains, life in the Air Force, Air Force Weapons systems, Iraq, Afghanistan, and leadership. Students will gain active, hands-on appreciation for military service, training, and leadership. The seminar is team-taught by various members of Aerospace Studies faculty so students will benefit from a wide variety of expertise and experience.
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