final - Introduction to Speech Communication Unit 3:...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Speech Communication Unit 3: Communication in Contexts Exam 3 Review Sheet Chapters 8, 10, 11 Chapter 10: Communication in Personal Relationships How are personal and social relationships different? social : interacting according to social rules, we arent treating the person as a unique individual but interacting with someone based on a social role. The role they play is more important than the individual. Ex. server taking your order, you act scripted with them, not personal. personal : voluntary commitment between irreplaceable individuals, different level of comm. because its not based on scripts, its unique. Choosing to act as unique individuals. Most relationships are social not personal . How are relationships of circumstance and relationships of choice different? Circumstance : exist because of situations or circumstances. Ex. our groups, we were put in them, didnt get to choose. Choice : select to initiate, maintain or dissolve. Actively choose these relationships What are turning points? What do they do? What are some examples? Turning points: markers that indicate a change in a relationship. Shift in how you feel about a person, ultimately can change communication patterns. -first date could increase intimacy-meeting the parents could increase intimacy-start saying I love you could increase intimacy FBF first big fight, can be a turning point What are relationship trajectories? Relationships are dynamic communication changes throughout relationships, towards end, and beginning, the relationships are going through different phases. each relationship is different. there are core similarities, if we step back far enough, the way relationships are dynamic can be similar. What are the stages of relational escalation? - pre-interaction awareness : not engaged in interaction with this person, make observations. - initiation : make contact with the person, introducing yourself, rituals of patterns. Cant go backwards, set the relationship on a path. How do I feel about this person, do I want to be friends with them? - exploration : exchanging information about ourselves, script oriented. where are you form whats your major still evaluating each other, and determining whether you want to take it further or not. - intensification : increasing in physical contact, use a lot more personalized language. Conversation using we language. Identify this as a relationship, either romantic or friendly. - revising : move past euphoric stage, maybe pick up on things that annoy you, maybe start to come to a realistic point. Figure out how to work through those. -Intimate bonding : talk about everything, understand each other very well. Tend to have a greater understanding of each other. Have a perception that the relationship will last long term....
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final - Introduction to Speech Communication Unit 3:...

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