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Meghan Rees A time when social comparison affected my self-esteem was in high school when I tried out for the tennis team. I was very nervous and became even more nervous as I learned that some of the girls I was competing with were nationally ranked. During the week of try-outs, I compared myself to the other players and it negatively affected my self-esteem because I didn’t feel like I could compete with them. Nothing was said to me to cause me to feel low self-esteem, but I was intimidated by the intensity. Comparing myself to the generalized other, I felt pressured to join some type of club or athletic team to be a part of something. Comparing myself to the specific girls on my team, I didn’t
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Unformatted text preview: feel like I matched up to their athletic level. I worked very hard during try-outs and made the team! I was very happy with this news. My self-esteem immediately boosted. Although I was not the best on the team, it felt good to know that I was able to compete with the best girls on the team. Based on the self-serving bias, I attribute my successful week of try-outs due to my effort and good attitude on and off the court. If I hadn’t made the team, I would most likley attribute my failure to the weather, the nationally-ranked girls, or bad judgement by the coach; anything other than my performance....
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