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Group Project 2 - COM 134 Rollie Group Project#2 Due...

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COM 134 Rollie Group Project #2 Due 11-02-2009 Group #24 “The Bookworms”: Meghan Rees Elle Resor Molly Rohde Joanna Rosenthal Communication and interaction are processes that are continuously occurring every second of every day. As a group, we have realized that these processes between different speech communities varies from person to person, the groups they are
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interacting with, and the social setting they are in. After careful observation, we have noticed patterns of non-verbal and verbal communication between three different types of relationships: male-male, female-female, and male-female. There were significant similarities and differences between all three groups. In a typical male-male interaction, there are common characteristics between their verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbally, males naturally create a competitive atmosphere. This was demonstrated in Joanna’s observation of two males casually throwing a football where one male – who was apparently much better at the sport than the other – taunted the other with derogatory terms, which, although it was negative, encouraged further competition between the two. Males seem to be relaxed with the idea of being called names, whereas females would become upset by this. Molly observed male-male verbal communication in which they were havin a conversation about other people, both male and female. She realized that males do not censor themselves in the content of their communication. Profanities and vulgar speech took place during their casual conversation, and Molly was shocked. This applies as a constitutive rule; males do not worry about what they will appear like if they say certain
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Group Project 2 - COM 134 Rollie Group Project#2 Due...

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