LLAB_Syllabus_-_Term_II_2010-11_ - LEADERSHIP LABORATORY...

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Unformatted text preview: LEADERSHIP LABORATORY COURSE SYLLABUS Term II 2010/11 AFROTC DET 055 LEADERSHIP LABORATORY (LLAB) COURSE SYLLABUS 1. Description : This course is a dynamic and integrated grouping of leadership developmental activities designed for the four classifications of cadets; the Initial Military Training (IMT), the Field Training Preparation (FTP), the Intermediate Cadet Leader (ICL), and the Senior Cadet Leader (SCL). The purpose of the IMT LLAB is threefold. First, LLAB provides new cadets with basic skills/knowledge needed to be a functional member of the cadet corps. Second, it provides cadets with information used to determine whether or not they wish to continue with the AFROTC program and pursue an Air Force commission. Third, it provides IMT cadets with activities designed to build camaraderie and espirit de corps, as well as help develop leadership, followership and team work skills. FTP LLAB provides the training/skills to ensure every cadet is mentally and physically prepared for the rigorous field training environment. The ICL and SCL LLABs consist of activities that further develop the leadership and management experiences of junior and senior level cadets. The experiences will involve the planning and executing all AFROTC LLAB objectives to the entire cadet corps. During LLAB, cadets will participate in Honor Flight and Warrior Flight competitions. All physical fitness activities at LLABs will be supervised by detachment cadre and is designed to prepare all cadets for the three event (pushups, sit-ups, and 1.5 mile run) AFROTC Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). event (pushups, sit-ups, and 1....
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LLAB_Syllabus_-_Term_II_2010-11_ - LEADERSHIP LABORATORY...

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